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When the special torches approach the darkness from both sides of a hallway, it condenses and eventually fades, leaving a shadowy door to the outside where the last of it vanished. A roughly cut gemstone hovers ominously over a crude alter in a cavernlike room while a malicious spirit floats up around the ceiling and out of sight. New entities entering the room causes the crystal turn to face the intruders, revealing that it is actually an eye of some sort, containing a pupil that darts rapidly between the intruders and the spirit.

The spirit immediately begins cajoling the crystal eye into destroying the intruders, talking to it as though it were a child in need of guidance. The pillars, while initially inaccurate, begin homing in on the intruders more and more the longer they stay still, and do 5d10 bludgeoning damage on a hit. The key to escaping the room is the crystal eye in the center of the room, which is being told by the spirit to kill the intruders. By being more persuasive than the spirit, intruders can convince the eye to stop its onslaught and eventually target the spirit instead, which will disperse after being hit multiple times with pillars of rock.

The eye is very childlike in its considerations and will lose focus if the intruders fail to convince it or begin to act too impatient. Simplistic approaches work well, and the eye responds positively to constructive encouragement when it targets the intruders That was some very good aiming, I could feel the wind rush by me!

Next time though, try to aim towards the mean spirit instead, OK? Once the spirit is destroyed, a gentle suggestion that the eye create an exit will convince it to pull a slab of rock away from a wall and reveal a passage to outside the room. The jar acts as a seal to keep the pheromones of the queen away from the rest of her hive. Requires strong perception check to even see. Will immediately begin digesting any adventurers who walk into it, tinging the clear jelly a slight pink color.

A hallway with what appear to be dart traps, or falling spike traps, or fire. There are several different hallways in a succession of 3 so imagine three hallways one after the other with different traps, with a small room between each that could hold people. Each hallway starts with 2 statues.

The first hallway deactivates the traps by grasping one of the hands and turning it down. And finally the last hallway will deactivate the traps but the floor is pressure sensitive. Illustrate this by having the party see the hand start to turn back when a member starts to walk across. A map is found on a skeleton wrapped around an old skeleton key. The map shows traps, but all the information is either half right or all wrong. The key is able to open any door in the dungeon, but attracts any undead within 10 miles. Take a hint, maybe the dead guy with the map and key died for a reason.

When trying to open a door they have to pass a DC x wisdom saving throw to open it. Causing them to attack the closest person for y rounds. A secret door that leads into a closet-sized chamber whose walls and door are very thick. Detect magic will reveal a faint aura where the walls meet the ceiling.

If any character steps entirely inside and the door is not blocked, the door will shut and meld into the stone of the wall. The character inside the chamber will begin to suffocate after one hour and takes one level of exhaustion after each additional hour. Walking down a hallway, the party passes through a large set of wooden reinforced doors.

Beyond these doors is another hallway about 50ft long. In this hallway, there are 10 large sets of full steel armor with varying weapons from daggers, long swords, flails, whips, mauls, glaives etc all of which are very well made. If any of the armor or weapons are touched. Every single set of armor will come alive equipping the weapons they had, attacking the closest target immediately.

The doors will only unlock if the sets of armor have been killed. As you approach you can hear the cries of a small child, and when you look into the pit you can see a human child covered in dirty rags. When you do, the child vampire tries to feed from you, dealing piercing damage. You come to the end of a hallway with three doors, each with a word in Common written on them. The first door has Community, the second door has Feast, and the third door has Companion.

If you open the second door three Spawn of Kyuss embrace you. If you open the third door, two Shadow Mastiffs lunge at you. A harpoon shoots out and gets the member in the leg. The ambush comes and there are kobolds on the lower level trying to reach the member while the party is ambushed and distracted. They will have to decide who is saving their friend and who is fighting, while the member is dangling and until he gets himself right side up is at a disadvantage to all attacks. The weight unless removed from the chain is going to disadvantage his climb and the pain from a hook in his leg will make the climb a bit more difficult too.

For ideas on how the chain looks, think of a fishing hook with a weight on it. Two animate armors standing across from each other in a small room inviting the characters to play racquetball with a sphere of annihilation which the armor can catch.

Hidden Objects

Touching the door on the other side causes the stone slab that was the floor to slide into the wall, causing the player to fall into a pit of brambles, and the false log trap detaches and falls on top of them. Can be solved by throwing a rock at the door on the other side, the log will fall and create a safe bridge across the brambles. A cannon with a spear inside, readilly aimed, capable of changing its target.

A pitfall trap drops the poor adventurer into a gelatinous cube. Said block of evil Jelly also has animated swords in it that will blend the adventurer. A room with a large spiky chandelier covering pretty much the entire ceiling and nothing on the floor or walls. Once the trap is triggered, gravity inverts in the room, dropping the occupants up into the spike trap chandelier.

Afterwards, gravity returns to normal and drops them back down the room into the ground, followed shortly thereafter by the Impaldelier. A large square room, a small maze-like pathway in between pressure plates is on the the floor and leads to the other size.

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If a pressure plate is stepped on, a giant cube slime falls from above filling the whole room. Players must take 1d4 acid damage every turn of the slime until they escape. In a narrow hallway, you have a part of the floor that folds down when to much weight is put on and springs back to its normal position once the weight has been dropped. This obviously leads to a pit, but in the pit is nothing. A long, narrow corridor that slants downward slightly. A large reservoir of quicksilver lies to your south. Outrun the stream to avoid getting impaled. A stairway that has a closing metal door at the top and bottom.

The top door is a false door and behind it lies a natural flow of lava. When the top 3 stairs detect any pressure, the top door has panels that open and let in the lava. The bottom door is locked, and panels in the floor at the bottom of the stairs open only after the entire hallway has filled with lava and the top door panels close again. A well with a rope or chain that hangs to the bottom.

See a Problem?

The walls of the well have small holes all along its length, possibly from climbing pitons. Once a certain amount of weight is applied to the rope equivalent to two or three party members a gelatinous cube is poured from its cell behind the stones in the wall, and seeps through the walls into the well above the players. The gelatinous cube paralyzes creatures when they touch it and fail a save. The cube happily slides down the well and consumes its prey until all organic material is digested, then it seeps through the grate at the bottom and it collected and replaced in its cell behind the stonework.

The entire pit is clean and smooth stone, making it difficult to climb. If weight is added to the floor of the pit set to the weight of one or more humanoid adventurers the pit and 1 foot of the pit walls is shot upward to the ceiling cutting off all means of escape. The walls then close in and collapse all humanoids unless they pile on top of the chest, which is not crushed.

The treasure chest is a mimic but is magically paralyzed until the walls fully collapse inward, at which point he mimic is released from its spell and the trap resets in 1d4 days. A shield guardian with a stored spell of invisibility blocks a hallway or doorway and goes invisible before adventurers can see it. The Guardian body blocks the path and ambushes the first adventurer to bump into it. A pitfall into a pond of ooze. A pitfall into with a pool of flammable oil. The victims can climb out of the pool into a long corridor leading back to where they where.

Along the way are magical swinging candles, mini flamethrowers, and minor fire elementals. A seemingly normal abandoned bathroom. There is a tripwire coming out of one of the stalls, that tightly seals the only door. Then, contaminated water starts coming out of the toilets. The adventurers must break the door to escape, and if they touch the water, they get sick.

A bedroom with enough beds for the party to sleep on. There are pressure plates under the mattresses, that open small holes in the walls. Slowly but surely, a neurotoxin starts coming out of the holes, and seamlessly fills the room, while the adventurers sleep. A rickety wooden bridge over a big dark pit, with snakes on the bottom.

There is a hole on one of the side walls requiring a passive perception check to notice. The bridge itself is relatively safe, but there is a thin tripwire halfway through it, that activates the hole, making it spill out a line of fire over the end of the bridge. A wall with three stone doors. There is a paper on it, saying that two of the doors lead to a treasure, while another kills whoever is passing through.

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Going through those doors is not necessary for the adventure. Ever wish you were a wall-jumping, arrow-dodging, trap-setting horse, besting your animal pals in a race through a peril-laden obstacle course that you all built together? Wish Granted! Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer where you and your friends build the level as you play, placing deadly traps before trying to reach the end of the level.

If you can make it but your friends can't, you score points! Play online or locally with your animal buddies and experiment with a wide variety of platforms to find new ways to mess with your friends. Grab your mates then prepare to hate them. Simple game with a strategic twist. Lots of fun for the whole family Saw my man Dunkey play this game last year and thought it'd be a laugh to play with my friends. Well i think you should buy it it's really good, but the only way to make it actually fun is if you're playing with friends everyone online is too sweaty unless you like that so get it but have a few friends beside you for the best experience.

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10 Pro-Active Ways to Dodge the Traps of Identity Thieves

Ultimate Chicken Horse. Clever Endeavour Games. Official Club Wish list. Online multiplayer on Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold subscription sold separately. See system requirements. Available on Xbox One Hub. Description Ever wish you were a wall-jumping, arrow-dodging, trap-setting horse, besting your animal pals in a race through a peril-laden obstacle course that you all built together?

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