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Anti-Vibe Trigger Handle reduces user fatigue caused by vibration. There is also a brush door Youngdale hinges work for both cabinets with face frames and for frameless cabinets. Please see For dry application only. The high cut rate works with the ceramic abrasive texture to produce a cool, sharp and efficient cut without wearing down the abrasive. Ceramic material lasts up to eight times longer than conventional aluminum oxide cutting wheels. Easy attachment to the appropriate cut-off tool with hub and retainer nut providing a simple and quick With a storage box for convenient storage and carry.

Perfect for the micro electronic devices and other industries fine detail work on jade, ceramic, glass, wood, hardened steel, cast iron, stainless steel.

Features: Kit cutting disc, polishing wax, drill bit, stone polishing wheel with shank, grinding wheel, wool felt, grinding needle, etc. Suitable for engraving, grinding, polishing, milling, Metric: 17 mm blue , 19 mm yellow 21 mm red. Extra-thin wall impact sockets have external composite sleeve and internal composite insert to protect expensive automotive rims and lugs from damage during removal or installation.

For use on most metals and masonry. For use on right angle grinders. Available in a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and grits, you're sure to find the wheel you need for the toughest grinding jobs. Use to deburr, clean, slot, nick and cut. Kawasaki angle grinder wheels are constructed of quality materials to help you get the most out of your angle grinder. Cut centered and off centered mortises. Repeat cut sets of flutes. Cut hinge and lock rebates.

The CRB already greatly increases on surface routing stability, but combined with the retro fit all new accessory - The MHLF, the solution to the serious issue of controlled cutter access Best Tool Bags With Zipper out of top Comes in wooden presentation box. Handles are oiled European beech with ergonomic octagonal cross section. As with all fine carving tools, these will need final honing to fully refine the edges before use. All chisels blades are made from hardened highly allowed Cr-Mn steel and heat treated to Offset angle of crimper blades preferred by many professionals.

Redesigned now available in straight and ergonomic, angled, offset models Ideal for reducing diameter of round duct, sheet metal pipe, and downspouts for insertion into other pipes Five blades make uniform crimps on sheet metal up to 20 gauge. Third party aftermarket products exist for adding powering options in instances where a C-wire does not exist. Fits on any NOVA chuck. They are designed particularly for the expanded dovetail, reverse dovetail for gripping footed bowls. Add these to your The joist screw won't work between the joist because the separation of the thread is greater than the thickness of the hardwood flooring and the subfloor.

One screw is designed for use at the joist. We designed the Counter-Snap screws for between the joist to have a thread on both boards at the same time. We make two screws to stop floor squeaks in hardwood floors. This screw has two different Water mildew resistant. Water, mildew resistant. Non flammable and non-toxic. Resists shrinking and cracking. Non-flammable non-toxic. Color: white, Physical State: liquid, Odor: mild odor.

A rock-solid grip to install on jigs, tool fixtures, or movable bases. The grip with a minimum degree angle for easy loading and unloading. Cold-rolled carbon Steel with Zinc plated coating for corrosion resistance. Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation. Most suitable for quickly holding down sheet metal or circuit boards, for machine operation, welding, mould, Top 19 Best Reciprocating Table Saws. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Contact.

July 2, Best and Coolest 23 Cordless Planers. Powergiant 12V Mah Replacement Battery For Makita 2 12 Volt Nicd Pod Style Battery Powers up a range of volt Makita power tools, compatible with d, d, d, d, d, d, d, d cordless tools, etc. Your original charger will charge this battery. Battery uses the highest quality cells, safe with rapid-charge technology while providing overcharge and over discharge protection to increase the life of the battery.

Quick restoration of the grinding surface. MAKITA replacement power tool battery, Please see full list of compatible models in the Product the Memory Effect - Keep the battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. The Replacement Battery comes with Full 1 Year warranty. Exceptions to the rule are Li-ion batteries which do not suffer from the memory effect.

We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks. Do not leave the battery dormant for long periods of time. Discharge them as much as possible first. It helps maintain a good connection between the battery and the portable device. Capacity: 2. When in doubt, charge your batteries overnight 8 hours. If a Power Tool Battery has not been used for a long period of time, perform the new battery break in procedure described above. EBL Battery 3. Compact and lightweight at 3.

Extended life auto-stop carbon brushes for added motor durability. Removable, forward-canted side handle for improved control and comfort for right and left-handed users. Dewalt DW B 5 4 x 0. Unique one-piece design eliminates 2-knife adjustment hassles. Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. Geniune OEM replacement part Fits these machines. Powerful lbs kg clamping force and rugged construction holds up to lbs kg.

Powerful lbs 1, kg clamping force for controlled clamping pressure. Robust, powder-coated, all-steel construction for long-lasting service life. Foot-operated clamping allows hands-free operation. Urethane jaw facings provide a protective, slip resistant grip. Arbortech Turbo Plane. Clamping range of inches 0 - mm. Reversible sliding jaws allow extra-wide inch mm clamping width capacity. Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, battery overload, short circuit, internal overheating. Includes 3 receiver sockets to control power to items such as lamps and small appliances.

Master socket detects power usage above 30W and then enables the other mains power sockets. Switch one item on and the other items switch on automatically. Cool idea for saving time and saving energy. Energy Saving power board is fully automatic and does not need any pre-setting or additional remote controls. Detects when a device in the master socket is switched on and like-wise switches on the slave socket. Master Computer Slave Printer.

It features a 20 metre operating range with a 6 outlet MOV surge protected powerboard. Protective rubberized shell helps to keep safe from small falls, etc. Jumbo 38mm sized time display. Large easy to configure buttons. Cool Blue LED backlit display. Two case colours:. Size x60x37mm. Can be paired to any remote control.

Extension sensor cord for easy operations. Automatically switches lamps or appliances On and Off using up to 10 programmed settings. Each of the programmed times can be allocated which days to operate. Daylight savings, random setting, and over-ride settings makes this timer convenient with high security. Battery backup. LCD display. These LED Night lights are cool to touch giving added peace of mind for parents. Simply plug the night light into a power socket and turn the power on. The night lights will automatically activate when the built in sensor detects that the surrounds are dark or dim and then turn off again when light is detected at dawn.

Order one to receive a pack of 3Pcs. Outlet Code. Direct Vac plug-in Jackson-Industries.

Best and Coolest 23 Cordless Planers

Dimension: 1. Length Size 1. Short term. Heavy duty PVC for outdoors, welders, caravans, etc. This cord will accept standard sized plugs Length Size. Requires attachment prior to cable assembly. Compatible with 56 series. Europe Face Asia, etc Surge protected. This new range of step-downs use toroidal transformers for efficient, safe, low-noise, portable AC voltage reduction.

Housed in an earthed metal box with carry handle. Illuminated power switch, power fuse and thermal fuse protected. Total isolation type circuit. Full approvals for test and certification guarantee suitability and ensure the standard and performance of this range is second to none.

Triton TWSDTT Diamond Wheel Truing Tool For TWSS10

Suit more that 60 countries. Travel companion. USB outlet for charging. USB charging sockets are also provided to allow easy charging of many portable electronic devices. Compatible with a range of mains outlets and voltages. Fits to 16A sockets only. Connect and Charge up to 4 USB devices directly to a mains socket. Automatic multi-voltage V.

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Output is 5V 2. Protects computer, medical and other important equipment from accidental disconnection. Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration or accidental movement. Suitable for various critical mains powered appliances that require a secure power source. SAA Approved. Supplied in bulk no packaging. Supplied in bulk. IEC Locking Socket. Length Size 3. As used in some industrial style equipment UPS, etc. Length Size. Colour refers to the captive ring. Suit Kettles, Projectors and other appliances. Length Size 2. Black cable. Bare ended. Colour referes to the captive shroud.

Not a standard plug. All pins are over-sized for high current. Compatible with 56 series screw lock shroud Colour. Ferrite cores, split inside a plastic case that snaps closed over power and data cables to suppress noise. Inline female mains socket as used with Kettles, projectors and other appliances with keyway IEC. Designed for general wiring in domestic, commercial and industrial applications where the cable is not subject to mechanical damage.

It is made from plain annealed copper wires, easy peel 3V sheath, and is protected by PVC 90 insulation. Colour Size. IEC Plug safety retainer. Prevents accidental removals. The mounting ears of the clamps align with the mounting ears on the panel mount connectors. Simply strip outer sheath exposing insulated wires lay across the terminals push to close for contact. Cable clamped ready to go. Colour refers to the locking shroud.

Colour Code. Plus flat earth pin. Designed for locking extension plug to socket. Compatible with 56 series Capture Type. Compatible with 56 Series connectors. Fits standard sockets too. Colour refers to the Captive Ring. Weather proof outdoor connection. Industrial grade high power connections. Professional industrial grade. Screw locking for a secure connection. Large cable entry grommet.

Rubber seals and UV resistant plastics for weather resistant IP Clear backs for easy cable connect inspection. Large cable entry with locking grommet strain relief. Rubber seals and UV resistant IP Surface mount casing with cap blocked conduit entry points. Approximately x74x12mm Facia. Switch Code. Twin outlet. Comes complete with screws, and removable cover plate. Approximately x74x12mm Amps Type 10A. Comes with screws, and removable cover plate.

Approximately x77x12mm. Comes with screws, removable cover plate. Approximately x74x12mm in size. Amps Type. Low Profile Facia. IP53 Weatherproof protection design. Amps Type 10A 10A. Metal bracket. High quality single power outlet. Cut out 76mm x 52mm. Minimum depth for 10mm plaster 60mm or masonry 70mm. Appliance Outlet approval NSW Nail inclusive. Heavy duty quality for reliability. Insulation Voltage V. Cut to length. Correct size for the Common screw connectors Blade screw driver with Neon Indicator Illuminates when Vac voltage present.

White LED light flashing torch. LR44 inc. Chassis mount. Extrudes only 2mm Hi-Temp plastic. Adjustable angle mast mm max Ball-In-Socket head joint. Weighted base. Heavy duty, hidden springs, easy to manoeuvre assistance. Surrounded by a 22W round fluorescent tube or 56x Super bright LEDs for minimal shadow illumination and close-up vision. Work bench edge clamp base included. Other bases are optional extra including desk stand and trolley. Excellent construction and superior adjustability unit with 3 articulation joints. Includes bench clamp. Energy efficient electronic ballast.

Arm Code mm x2 mm x2. Base only. Requires Series Lamp. Felt padded magnetic base bonnet or hood placement Rotating globe mirror Spare globe included mm Base mm High Orange Amber. Conventional globe. Durable plastic. Includes bonus batteries. It features a shatterproof case with a splash resistant seal for durable use. It has a easy to use recessed push button switch, and a easy grip handle. In addition, it has 6 powerful LEDs powered by 3x AAA batteries, which can be a very useful feature when working in poor lighting condition. Hands-free light pointing. Excellent lighting for viewing many applications.

It has a strong magnet Button and foldable Swivel Hook which allows for hands free work in many places, its rugged ABS casing design is not only durable but also comfortable to use. The 24 LED work lamp delivers up to 40Lm of light. Suit hands-free working, Night safety bikeriding. Thin curved style for popular base-ball caps. The integrated focus system allows you to change between a broad spotlight and a sharply focused longdistance beam by sliding the LED lens. Battery: 3x AAA not included Size: 60 x 55 x 45 mm.

Handy universal design. High power 28 LED work lamp and torch. Rugged design and construction with a swivel and foldable hang hook. Length Width Code. Powered by 3x AAA batteries supplied with product , it is an ideal solution for lighting in small and dark space including closets, cabinets and counters as it require absolutely no wiring and only simple installation is needed. The unit comes with adhesive tape at the back of the unit allows the user to mount it on different surfaces.

Bright flouro lamp with hook for under bonnet, camp sites, etc. Includes 3. Special folded double lamp for extra bright. Smart, convenient, stylish.

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  • Machined aluminium. Colour supplied will be random. Black, Blue, Red or Grey. Very light weight and perfect for everyday use. Measures approx mm in length and Not your average LED torch! Premium white coloured LEDs with extra efficiency and brightness. High grade Poly-Carbonate for an extra strong torch casing. Magnetic switch cycles through different illumination modes.

    Two brightness and two flashing modes for distress. Water proof to 30M Fronta tough. Water proof to 30M. Perfect for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. The LEDs on the torch provide with Lumens of light, which gives you a great viewing distance. Adjustable lens allows you to change the focus to suit different size areas. Ultra durable metal build torch.

    Super bright 3Watt LED. LED life ,hrs. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries included. Focusing Lens to concentrate on a small or large area. Simple design with mounting clip. High quality aluminium body. Perfect for everyday use. Colour Lumens Beam length Code Black. Power Transformation Technology. High quality aluminium body with tactical style rear switch. Light output is times higher than the conventional electric torches. Circular spotlight or sharply focused beam with a range of up to M.

    Modular design and dynamic switch. Light output up to 64 hours with one set of batteries in economy mode. Supplied with a quality carry case.

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    Adjustable focusing system sends an incredibly sharp light beam. The integrated focus system allows you to change between a broad spotlight and a sharply focused long-distance beam by sliding the LED lens. Supplied with a high quality carry pouch. Circular spotlight or sharply focused beam. Light output up to hours with one set of batteries in economy mode. No voltage switch to worry about or knock!

    This adaptor automatically determines the correct voltage required and regulates constant supply for powering and charging. Intelligent power for smart people! High efficiency switch-mode type with 8A fused cigarette lighter plug LED display of voltage output. Voltage selected depends on plug. Plugs are BS10 type. Outputs 12Vdc to 24Vdc up to 90W. Voltage auto selected by plug chosen. Details of these plugs are listed with BS More plugs are also available.

    Bosch Power Tools 33614 user manual ManualsBase

    Suitable for Laptops, etc. Includes 5x DC Plugs. Includes 6x DC Plugs. SMART 2. IC for auto detection compatible with all devices. Fused 2A. Includes 8 popular DC Type plugs. Modified sinewave output Compact convenient solution Safety protected socket door Car and appliance protection Suits general low-power items like chargers, lights, etc. Modified sine wave automotive inverters from Aerpro. Continous power rating.

    Extruded aluminium cases. Power W W W W. Lugged is leads with screw lugs terminated. Lighting, etc. Fully protected from thermal over voltage, overload, short circuits, etc. Alarms when battery is low. Run fluorescent lamps from a 12V or 24V source. Latest technology and design. Replaces existing ballast. High quality, light weight, compact construction with aluminium base for heat sink. Screw terminals for easy installation. Protection against reverse polarity connection.

    Available in 20W or 40W, 12V or 24V. Reliable, long lasting construction. Quality build long-life. Made tough for Australia. Full unconditional protected. Power rating is 12V output. Power Size. Features efficient conversion for a cooler and longer life. Compact convenient mounting. Power Size 20A 30A. Negative ground. Priced right! The primary battery is for vehicle operation. The Auxiliary battery is for your equipment, eg. The primary battery is always in the charging circuit. Only when it reaches The auxiliary battery is disconnected from the primary battery if the primary battery falls below This protects you from two flat batteries!

    Details at www. Excellent range of voltage devices for cars and trucks Premium grade Australian made. Input Vac. Output Charges up to Ah batteries. Charges 12 Volt lead-acid batteries. Electronic switch mode circuit for fast charging. LED charge indicator. Double insulated. Supplied with leads and clips. Input VAC, 40W. VDC 2. On mains power failing or brief over current load this unit will supply 12V from the freshly charged external backup battery bank. Features include complete long-term battery charging and management facilities with automatic and instant changeover.

    Low voltage detection for load and battery with status LED. Reliable, stable with a long service life. Anodised aluminium heatsink casing. Inbuilt cooling fan. Input and output protected. Input Voltage VAC 1. Leads NOT supplied. Made in Australia. Type Code UPS. Fully protected With multiple stage charging for maximising performance. This will save you time and prolong the life of your expensive sealed lead acid batteries. Suits 6V or 12V. Excellent for electric cars Golf carts, motor bikes, etc. Pro grade. Micro-processor controlled.

    With LED Status indicators. Water proof power pack IP Wall mount bracket solution. Spark proof. Fully protected. Alligator or ring contacts. Volts Current Code 12V. Water proof IP Volts Current Code. Code BFL9. EIAJ 2. Tip Pos. Tip Neg. Tip 2. Switch Mode. Auto Select. Outputs 16 Volts AC. Metal cabinet xxmm. Metal cabinet xx65mm. Output 12Vdc 10Amax. Metal cabinet xx94mm. Rated at 5A Continuous and 7A peak cycled. Full metal case with heat sink.

    Regulated, protected, earthed. Digital displays Code. See Plug System Below. Voltage 9Vdc Current mA 2. Suit Laptops, etc. Simply select the correct plug to suit the specific type of laptop and then the power-pack automatically determines the correct voltage required and regulates constant supply for powering and charging. High efficiency switch-mode with low stand-by power drain. LED display of voltage output for visual confirmation. Suits most popular laptops. More available. See below They are NOT available separately. Listed below for your reference only. LS-PAB70 only. Voltage selected depends on plug Max.

    Current relative to voltage. An intelligent power adaptor with advanced microcomputer CMOS chip voltage control. Simply select the correct plug to suit the specific type of laptop. This power-pack automatically determines the correct voltage required and regulates constant supply for powering and charging. Low profile version with inline LCD display of voltage output.

    Voltage selected depends on plug used. Includes USB power socket. Regulated Laptop mains supply. Switchmode power supply with LCD display of voltage output. Choose the correct plug to suit your specific brand of laptop. The type of plug determines the output voltage as per the laptop it is designed to suit. Specifications of each plug are listed below: Volts.

    Ten other plugs, the more popular types, already supplied. Right angle versions available below. Details at: www. Please choose the correct plug to suit your specific brand of laptop. EIAJ 6. The entire range of plugs are now all available separately in right-angle. Select the specific plug to suit your specific laptop, then plug and go! Connect secondary in series or parallel. Volts Series Parallel Size. Type Code 1A 2A. Mechanically adjustable by an Auto-Transformer No isolation. Type Code 2A.

    Excellence in long-term reliability Primarily for use with workbenches. Type Code 2A 4A. Sound and light feedback. Power full long lasting white LED light flashing torch. Battery- 1. LR44, AG13, L etc. Easy, Safe, Quick and Accurate. DC voltage test: V DC. Polarity test: 1. Continuity check: 0 - 80 M ohms. Checks operating condition of ionizer. Safe Test - Water resistant. LR41 batteries included. Wooden Stud Detection up to 15mm thickness of gyprock. Buzzer sounds with red LED blinks slow, Fast or steady.

    AC Voltage depth 50mm single sheath wire. Bonus Continuity check for fuse, bulbs, etc. Safety 1st. Displays Large 2 digits numeric 99 counts for accurate reading of test result and 9 bar display indicate high sensitively sensing level. Insulated shaft protection Ideal for electrical applications. Large easy-grip comfortable rubber double molded handle. Packaged in a hand plastic tool casing for portable storage. Phillips 0 2 3 Blade 3. Various shaft lengths and tip sizes. Chrome-vanadium steel for extended wear. Also contains a neon V - V AC tester.

    Includes Leads, etc. Battery operated portable. Single button testing. Two in one kit includes famous Patrol battery powered portable appliance tester features with an earth leakage tester. Mains or battery operated.

    How to Revive a Bosch 14.4V Battery

    Pocket sized RCD tester with a 3 pin plug for easy connection to electrical circuits protected by residual current devices. Australian designed and manufactured for testing electrical appliances to power electrical safety Standards. Certified for the use as a Verification of insulation integrity of portable devices. Easy to use and cost effective. Stickers extra. A large LCD displays the mains voltage, plus other functions. Fuse protected. See Below. Buy 1 to receive Packed with features with all the main functionalities you need for any electrical installation.

    The tester is rugged and compact, and is made to withstand the harsh environments encountered by electricians on a daily basis on the worksite. This tester can be used on all kinds of electronic equipment and insulation materials. Comes with test leads, carry case and batteries. With IP65 water and dust protection in a rugged design, it is suitable for use in harsh conditions such as at a worksite. These testers have been designed with the knowledge and experience of a test equipment company that has provided tools for the electrical trades for many years.

    Compact long-arc low-pressure mercury discharge lamp consists of 4 parallel narrow fluorescent tubes. Typically used in general down lights for retail, hospitality and office applications. The original Philips - invented bridge technology guarantees optimum performance in the application, enabling more light and higher efficiency. Lamp characteristics are influenced by operating conditions and control gear used. Suits to MR16 lamps max 50W. MR16 Lamp holder cable included. Twist lock. Size xx49mm mm. MR16 base mount and connection cable included. Available in two sizes. Suitable for MR16 or GU10 lamps.

    One MR16 Lamp holder cable included. Colour Size White 92x92mm Silver 92x92mm. Suitable for MR16 lamps. Two MR16 Lamp holder cable included. Cut out hole x72mm.

    Bosch Drill Battery In Power Tool Batteries & Chargers for sale | eBay

    Suitable for MR Three MR16 Lamp holder cable included. Available in three different lengths. Length 25cm 40cm cm. Suits to GU10 lamps max 50W. GU10 Lamp holder cable included. Corrosion resistant premium grade aluminium. Durable retention springs. Suitable for the MR16 and GU10 lamps. Size 90x90mm. Corrosion resistant. Fixed head including stainless steel retention springs. Suitable for MR16 12V lamps. Machined L grade stainless steel. Overload and short circuit protection with self resetting. Dimmable with leading edge or trailing edge dimmer. Over temperature cut off. Thermally stable and shatter-proof plastic casing.

    Compact design with screw terminal. No wiring supplied. Code M16CAN. All metal heat-shield flush mount. Supplied boxed. Cool beam to minimize the effects of halogen light on sensitive objects. Dichroic reflector coating is heat-transmitting and light-reflecting. Best dimmability to meet different brightness requirements. No mercury to ensure safety. Cool beam as a large part of the heat generated is transmitted backwards through the back glass.

    Aluminum reflector to direct most of the heat to the front, ideal for heat-sensitive ceilings and luminaires. Bright sparkling light to create ambient atmosphere. Most suitable for use in spotlight, down light, Ideal to be used as display lighting for paintings, photos or products. Prevents colour change and damage on displayed goods. Other uses include entertainment lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, art gallery, display cabinet lighting. Highly energy efficient. Base: GU5. It is particularly suited to public areas such as receptions, lobbies, corridors, stairwells and washrooms, where the light is on all the time.

    There is no UV or IR in the beam, making it suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects food, organic materials, paintings, etc. The patented intelligent driver enables broad compatibility with existing electromagnetic and electronic halogen transformers. The dimmable versions drive further efficiencies, while helping to create the desired atmosphere.

    LED with MR16 base. Aluminium alloy housing design for good heat dissipation. Replacement for the halogen bulbs. Beam Angle. Fully pre-wired. Die cast aluminium construction. Euro style lamp holder. Watt 3W 5W 5W. Durable and low energy consumption. Design for domestic, commercial and retail lighting, and are a direct replacement for existing GU10 Halogen bulbs.

    LED with GU10 base.

    Watt 3W 3W 5W 5W. Colour is often represented by temperature in Kelvin. A low temperature of K indicates warm colours like yellow, while high temperature of K indicates cold colours like blue. Most people prefer warm colours for indoor and cold colors for outdoors. To lighten up wide areas with subtle lighting, then choose an LED bulb with a wide beam angle of greater than 45 degrees as it spreads the light over a larger area. All in one down-light solution. Ideal replacement to CFL down-lights as they generate far less heat and have higher brightness making these LED replacements more energy efficient, longer lasting and a low maintenance alternative.

    Retro fit your current installation. Beautifully finished in Ceiling white colour with opaque glass and chrome inner trim, these lights will fit into any decor seamlessly. Available in number power outputs, sizes and colour temperatures. Includes Power Supply Unit. Switching to LED lighting can save you on power and maintenance costs. Mounting hook and safety cable. Ideal for use in warehouses, factories, large retail spaces, manufacturing facilities and more.

    LED lights reach maximum intensity immediately after being switched on. They do not require time to warm up. In the event of a momentary loss of power, HID lamps can take up to 20 minutes to turn back on. The fixture is completely free of hazardous materials including mercury and lead and boasts an annual energy saving that equates to over two metric tons of CO2 saved per fixture per year. Voltage input is from 80Vac to Vac. Dimming is possible by an optional DALI module not included, please enquire. Size xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm. A great replacement for halogen lamps.

    Aluminium alloy material with mounting assembly. Special design aluminium reflector improves light uniformity and luminous flux. Safe to use for indoor or outdoor applications, can be positioned at any angle. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Size 86xx90mm 86xx90mm 86xx90mm 86xx90mm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm xxmm. Weight g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g. Compact, IP The flexible stand has a degree swivel, and can be tilted vertically.

    A great companion for outdoor camping or use at a worksite. Car charger and AC charger are included with this great package. This foldable flood light tripod allows the mounting of a floodlight to the tripod or 2 floodlights by using the supplied T-bar. Light and compact to store. Great for providing outdoor lighting to worksite, camping, auto repairs, etc. Adjustable height. Maximum height: 1. Code TRP The dim state consumes only 4W of power for an even greater power saving. Once movement is detected the LED tube will go back to full 19W brightness.

    As each T8 Tube has it own built in sensor, only where movement is dedicated, the lights will turn on.