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The challenge of modernity poses many problems for the identity of Muslim world and its legal system.

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The claims that Islamic law has nothing in common with modernity is false. The intent of this article is to show that interaction between Islamic law and modernity can be understood through the Faustian way of development. In Faust, the process of development transforms a wasteland of the world into a social space.

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Also, the process makes a shift in the wasteland of the developer himself. The more you modernize the world outside, the more you modernize your inside world. This is how Faustian tragedy of development works.

The goal that animates the present article is to analyze several ways of developing Islamic law both in Muslim states and in the Western world as well. We have the double challenge of modernity. On the one hand, the article discusses at least four responses to the challenge of modernity to Islamic law in Muslim states. On the other hand, we have Muslim communities in modern Western states and their wish to live according to the norms of Islamic law where the modernization of it is indispensable. N2 - This article explores the phenomenon of Islamic law under the challenge of modernity.

'Islamic law & the challenges of modernity' by Salah al-Ansari

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. She is a past president of the Middle East Studies Association. Haddad's research interest has focused on twentieth-century Islamic thought and Muslims in the West. Since , she has served as director of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies.

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She served as the 34th president of the Middle East Studies Association CCAS recently published Dr. Stowasser's A Time to Reap: Thoughts on Calendars and Millennialism, an exploration of how Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have historically treated periods of apocalyptic imminence.

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Chapter 5. The paradox of Islam and the challenges of modernity

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