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Good for some pre-sleep giggles. A baby gets a big box-shaped present, then finds imaginative ways to incorporate that box into play. You know who loves birthdays? You know who else loves birthdays? This gorgeous-looking book is a simple celebratory ode to birthday goodness. Help this tree get ready for each season. Blow kisses at this book, jiggle it, turn the pages wibbly-wobbly.

Interactive books are so fun and any toddler would be happy to play along with this one. A beautiful yet selfish fish learns how to share in this colourful classic.

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I loved the illustrations, partially done as mixed media, and the simplicity of the story set to lyrics. The colours in this cute mole-based story are gorgeous. A bilingual book here, as Maya and her stuffed animals dress, play, and eventually go to bed. Bright illustrations and vivid writing make this one fun for a variety of ages. Big Brown Bear and his super cute bear friends notice that the trees are blooming with spring cherry blossoms, so they decide to have a picnic.

A sweet bedtime read. A little girl says good night to each of her stuffed animals before tucking them in. My personal favourite Pete the Cat is I Love My White Shoes , where our laid-back feline hero strolls around the city and takes things as they come. Groovy Pete is always super chilled out, and he teaches lessons for bonus good times. A bunch of silly night animals keep startling each other and getting increasingly worked up.

If you like switching voices, this one is for you. Kids love a good fake sneeze. True story. An energetic little girl dances her way through her bedtime routine — something that I can certainly relate to. I pace when brushing my teeth, which can sometimes turn into a bit of a dance. The illustrations by Caldecott Honor winner Brian Pinkney are perfectly matched with the energy of the narrative. Another interactive one. Be warned: the kids can get a bit crazy after you read them a Thomas book. Pirate Jack needs to pick an outfit for his swashbuckling high-sea adventures, but something is missing…A read aloud that will get kids interacting and excited about telling you their favourite shades.

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