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Amid fierce contemporary debate over the wisdom of narcotics policies, the year-old moral consensus Rimner describes remains a backbone of the international order.

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Core Values of American History. Here, he discusses the th anniversary o …. The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics.

Daniel Schwartz, author of Ghetto: The History of a Word , wrote at Time about the use of the term to describe heavily segregated urban areas in the United States ; Literary Hub published an excerpt from the book. Join Our Mailing List.

The Long Shadow of the Perpetrators – Excerpts

All rights reserved. Her monograph would be informative and digestible reading for students in a course on the topic, and should be of interest to all scholars concerned with how Austria and other nations confront the long shadow of the past.

It captures profoundly interconnected worlds of memory, trauma, and repression of the past with politics, culture, history, and family histories; it recognizes both progress and setbacks in Austria's reckoning with its past; and it invites an open dialogue about cultural memory. This book provides an outstanding analysis of the most important aspect of contemporary Austrian cultural and literary identity, which focuses on the remembrance of crimes committed by the Nazi regime [ Krylova masterfully handles subject matter ranging from the renaming of street names to the Austrian presidential politics of On aesthetics, history, and politics after , she appears to have read everything.

Larkin, German Studies Review "This is a well-considered study of Austrian Holocaust denial and the ways in which film, literature, and memorial images have led the nation toward a complete understanding of its share of guilt in the events of WWII.